Thousands of people play Minecraft games due to their adventurous styles, fun games and mods. People usually spend more than 90% of their time on these servers. However, some people often find it challenging to play Minecraft games or survive, especially when you are a beginner.

To solve this issue, here are some tips and tricks you can use to make your game perfect and long-running. You can use them in any gameplay to survive for a long time and win. If you still find difficulty, you can also click here to get a brief description.

First of all, start grabbing the woods. There are several types when people often neglect the resources displayed on the screen. That is why they do not survive in the long run. You will always need wood to make tools and weapons to stay in the game.

You can use the coal to create torches or use it as a fuel for cooking. It is essential if you are collecting raw food or ore while playing.

Next, make sure you create a crafting table. It can be done by converting your logs into planks. You can also just place the logs in the crafting area. Usually, around four logs are required to make a workbench.

Make sure you create a bench in the area with shelter as it will be safe in fights. Also, build a gate between entry and exit. This crafting usually requires six planks.

If you want to craft a torch, you can use coal or charcoal. It can be built by placing the sticks underneath the coal.

Next, if you want to cook your raw food, you need to craft a furnace. Again, it is essential to make sure your furnace is built clearly and nicely. If you want to make a good furnace, you need around eight cobblestones to craft the one.

After this, you will get a chance to earn so many mine ores like diamonds, red stone, bluestone etc., in the game, which you have to break. Breaking them needs a higher tier tool, which you can craft by finding raw iron on hills or in a cave.

Create an iron pickaxe as it is strong and requires fewer materials. You will need three iron ingots and two sticks only to build this.

When you have created your own house in the game, you should also make a bed on which you can set your spawn point. Next, fix the time of the day if you want to sleep at night and vice versa. Creating a bed requires three types of wool and three planks. Therefore, you can find the yarn by shearing the sheep or getting it after it is dead.

The next thing you need to do is to create swords. It is essential to crafting it to defend yourself in games and fights or from hostile mobs. You can make these swords using wood, stone, gold or iron.

These are some tips you can follow while playing Minecraft games. It will make sure you survive for a long time in the game. You can use these tips and tricks while playing any game in the Minecraft and get a worthwhile experience.


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